1. Be a born-again believer, biblically baptized and a member of this church. Gives evidence of seeking to live a dedicated, yielded and separated life. Has a desire and passion to grow spiritually.
  2. Faithfulness in church attendance, spiritual growth, and financial support.
  3. Use the Authorized/King James Version of the Bible for church ministries.
  4. Know how, or be willing to learn how to lead a person to Christ and use the Scriptures to give spiritual help and counsel. This is part of becoming a fruitful believer.
  5. Gives evidence of maturity in judgment and behavior, and has a willingness to work in harmony with church leadership. Works to maintain unbreakable unity in Christ.
  6. Abide by the minimum standard of modest dress while serving during service times. Men: clean pants, no holes; no form fitting clothing (like spandex or skin tight jeans); a collared shirt, button up shirt, or sweater; no t-shirts or hats while serving. Women: skirts, dresses, or non-form fitting attire; no jeans; no leggings worn strictly on their own. Keep private parts private, which means appropriate and adequate covering for these areas (if you need clarification, please ask the pastor). Even when you’re not serving, practice modesty. It’s a biblical command for men and women.
  7. Come with a heart for others, and a mind to work and cooperate with other believers. Even if you’re “just” cleaning, remember you’re serving the Lord for the benefit of the body of believers. Every bit of ministry is important! Christian workers are one of the biggest keys to a successful church. The body of Christ would not function properly without you. Therefore, we expect a lot out of Christian workers as far as faithfulness, work, and attitude.